Rosemary Essential Oil 30ml

Rosemary Essential Oil 30ml

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- Antioxidant

- Anti-microbial

- Antiseptic

- Anti-viral

- Anti-inflammatory

- Anti-fungal

- Anti-bacterial

- Astringent

- Analgesic

- Disinfectant

- Decongestant

- Stimulant

- Tonic



- Stimulating – mentally and physically

- Aching muscles

- Room aroma – energising and refreshing

- Multi-purpose cleaning spray – cleanse indoor environment and eliminate harmful bacteria (Rosemary into distilled white vinegar and water makes a lovely countertop spray



- Baldness

- Chilblains

- Chilliness

- Circulation

- Colds – frequent sneezing

- Constipation

- Nervous tension

- Stress

- Fatigue

- Stimulates appetite

- Reduces level of harmful stress hormones during stress and tension

- Respiratory tract and nasal congestion

- Boosts immune system

- Hair: conditioning and healthy growth, look and feel, lengthen and strengthen hair follicles, ward off grey hair, prevent hair loss, moisturise scalp, relieve dandruff. (Rosemary in a hot olive oil hair treatment darkens and strengthens the hair)

- Pain and inflammation – exercise

- Tendon / ligament / muscle over exertion

- Muscles aching

- Cold shivers

- Hangover

- Tiredness

- Headaches / Migraine

- Skin: eczema, inflammation, acne


Can be added to soaps, facewashes, masks, creams and toners to create firm, hydrated skin with a healthy glow and no unwanted marks.



- Avoid use for Babies / Infants (0-5 years)

- Avoid use in pregnancy and lactating

- Use with care if on prescription medication

- Avoid with High Blood Pressure

- As with all oils – a skin test is necessary

- Avoid use near eyes, nose, ears and sensitive areas of skin

- Always blend the oil for use on the skin


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