Peppermint Essential Oil 30ml

Peppermint Essential Oil 30ml

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- Expectorant

- Anti-bacterial

- Astringent

- Anaesthetic – cooling and warming

- Analgesic

- Antimicrobial



- Aches and pains

- Bilious attack

- Balance hormones

- Circulation – stimulant

- Energy boost

- Headache

- Travel sickness – sensitivity to movement

- Itchy skin – only 1 drop in the bath, any more will irritate the skin

- Migraine

- Nausea – dilute: inhale or rub a small amount behind the ears

- Neuralgia

- Flatulence

- Fever – blend and massage the feet

- Muscle spasms / tension - massage

- Tinnitus nausea

- Inflamed skin – disinfect and soothe

- Tired aching feet – massage

- Chest congestion – chest rub – promotes easy breathing

- Sunburn

- Dandruff – add a drop to your shampoo

- Stomachic – suppress appetite and promote feeling of being full



- Avoid use for Babies / Infants (0-5 years)

- Use in low doses, the menthol ingredient can irritate the skin in high doses

- A stimulant, so daily use can affect sleep

- Over dosage can cause: skin irritation, rashes, urinary problems, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, slow or rapid breathing, convulsions, depression and in extreme cases unconsciousness

- Avoid use during pregnancy / lactating

- As with all oils – a skin test is necessary

- Avoid use near eyes, nose, ears and sensitive areas of skin

- Always blend the oil for use on the skin

- Avoid use when on homeopathic treatment


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