Lavender CBD Plus Massage Oil 100ml

Lavender CBD Plus Massage Oil 100ml

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Fresh, clean, floral aroma















Works on the limbic system of the brain on inhalation to influence the nervous system and regulate emotions.



• Relaxing

• Healing



Physical conditions

•Abscess Acne Allergies Antibiotics Arthritis - pain Baldness

•Bed wetting Bites Blisters Bruises Burns

•Chestiness - dry cough Chilblains - swollen Cuts Cystitis Dermatitis

•Earache Eczema - skin cracked and weeping / dry / itching / sensitive to touch / burning and hot Exhaustion

•Fungal infections Headache tension / migraine Hot flushes Immune system stimulant Insect bites Insomnia - (massage, bath, 1 drop on your pillow)

•Joints - swollen and painful Menstrual cramps Nausea Neck - stiff Nosebleed Overwork

•Pain PMT Pregnancy Skin burns Sprains Stings Sunburn

•Tendons - painful Throat - sore / dry / burning Tinnitus - sensitive to noise Travel sickness - restlessness



•Anxiety  Depression  Fear - following a fright / of failure / of people / stage fright

•Hysteria  Hyperactivity  Impatience  Insecurity  Irrationality  Irritability  Mood swings

•Negative thoughts  Nerves - worry about future  Overwork  Paranoia  Relaxation

•Restlessness - active mind / apprehension  Panic attacks  Stage fright  Stress / tension

•Too extrovert / introvert  Worry


Great to use as a nourishing body oil that will also be able to provide targeted relief to our body’s Endocannabinoid System’s CB2 receptors.

Add 5ml to your bath and relax for 20 minutes. Or make it an awesome addition to your post-shower routine, with a full body application. Your nourished skin will thank you and you will feel the benefits.



•Topical application only. Simply apply the oil to the desired area and massage it in for a minimum of 30 seconds. The heat from the massage will aid the absorption and warm the muscles.

•A generous amount of oil may be required to allow cannabinoids to pass through the skin.

•There isn’t currently a lot of information available regarding onset and duration time of the effects of CBD topicals in humans. Many people who use topicals say they begin to feel the effects within a few minutes

•The overall duration time is variable, some users have reported the peak effects occur at 90 minutes. Everybody is different, so reapply the oil as required to suit your needs.

•You can simply rub some oil between your hands vigorously and inhale the aroma a couple of times, for relaxation and calming.



You’re less likely to experience any side effects from topically applied CBD products.

•The World’s friendliest, useful aromatherapy oil

•No contra-indications or side effects

•Although, extremely rarely, some may have allergic reaction or skin irritation

•If you experience nausea, vomiting or headache, discontinue use

•Use externally only


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