84mg CBD Rectangular 100g Bar - Cocoa Butter

84mg CBD Rectangular 100g Bar - Cocoa Butter

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Uses & Benefits:

• Cleanses

• Gently exfoliates

• Improves the texture and signs of firmness to skin

• Soaps are SLES free, 100% natural soaps without harmful parabens or sulphates

• Soaps do not have any perfume/artificial fragrances in them, only pure essential oils

• 100% pure soap

• Chemical free – made only with coconut oil and clay

• No added chemicals and is SLES free • 100% vegan – and vegetarian

• Hypoallergenic; excellent for all types of skin

• Delicate enough for babies and skin disorders Comes in 100g Rectangular Bar - Cocoa Butter & 100g Rectangular Bar - Charcoal and Spearmint


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