500mg CBD Medicated Pet Pellets 300g bag

500mg CBD Medicated Pet Pellets 300g bag

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Can assist with the following:

• Reactive Dogs

• Inflammation

• Immune system

• Anxiety

• Tick bite fever

• Eczema



• Day 1 to 3 - one pellet at bedtime

• Day 4 to 6 - two pellets (see how your dog’s behaviour is)

• Day 7 to 9 - two pellets at bedtime, one in the day (depending on how your dog is reacting to the medication)

• Thereafter you can adjust their dosage

• See how your dog is coping • For teacup dogs reduce this into quarters

• For small dogs reduce by half

• For medium & large dogs this is a good place to start

• An average dosage for Reactive dogs and itchy skin is eventually 2 pellets twice a day

• For pain management please watch your dog and see what best helps them; remember give it a few days to see how they feel


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