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Reinforcing our Commitment

With our wide range of medicinal CBD products we are able to provide you with a personalised combination of natural medication to assist with over 600 medical conditionsProtocols consist of 100% natural ingredients, thus reducing the cause of side effects normally felt from commercial medication. Contact us to learn more about our commitment to improve your health.


  • Cannabis Healing 4U does not diagnose or treat any named disease.

  • Cannabis Healing 4U does not have the authority to take any client off any prescribed medication, that choice is entirely the client's decision in consultation with their doctor.

  • Cannabis Healing 4U may suggest that a specific type of nutrition or lifestyle may be advantageous for a client to undertake – however the choice on whether to follow the advice is entirely the client's decision.

  • The client may consult with a registered physician for a diagnoses prior to any recommendations made by the producers of the cannabinoid products, its individual members or Cannabis Healing 4U.

  • Please be advised that neither the producers of the cannabinoid products, its individual members or consultants, will be legally liable or responsible for any risk of illness, injury or aggravation of any medical condition whatsoever that may occur out of the recommendations administered to any client arising out of my failure to consult with, and obtain approval from, a registered medical doctor prior to commencing the programme/protocol/products.

  • By making use of this website and any of its material all clients hereby consent to such treatment and indemnify the producers, its members and consultants against any and all claims by yourself (the client), your successors and assigns in this regard.